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Vision Statement

Vision Statement for the Diversity Committee

The Diversity Committee is committed to advancing the mission of MassABA and strengthening the impact of ABA in the state by encouraging both respectful discourse and committed actions in the areas of diversity in race, ethnicity, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, religion, neuro-identity, socio-economic strata, and country of origin.


The Diversity Committee is committed to the following goals:

  • Expanding the diversity of MassABA members, practitioners, educators, and leaders while continuing to work toward expanding diversity in the field at large;
  • Improving diversity awareness and sensitivity of our membership in their work with families, supervisees, colleagues and other stakeholders;
  • Providing trainings for membership and other interested parties in issues of diversity that align with behavior analytic principles and worldview;
  • Assisting practitioners working in schools, agencies, and other environments to explore their own biases and how they may be impacting expectations and goals for their clients;
  • Creating a safe space for members and stakeholders to meet to discuss issues related to diversity and impact on ABA services;
  • Supporting research dedicated to issues of diversity.
  • Expanding the presence of diversity based presentations at MassABA’s annual conference;
  • Actively including consumers of ABA services, families, stakeholders and other community members to establish ongoing dialogue and participation to support diversity issues in the community;
  • Exploring the intersection of neuro-identity and diversity issues;
  • Collaborating with MassABAs legislative committee to advocate for common goals;
  • Meeting at regular intervals to ensure continued forward momentum of the diversity committee.